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Ultra Mobile 4G 30-day USA Unlimited Data Card
HKD $198 (HKD $238)

Prepaid North America SIM Card for International Travelers

USA calling?

Great! America is a real treat- for people of all age and liking. Get ready to be greeted by astounding skyscrapers, fancy restaurants, cozy bars, subways, baseball and several more defining aspects of this giant wonderland. You’ll get a chance to witness a number of attractions in this glam-loaded nation to garner priceless memories. However, the expensive roaming fees can spoil the fun of your US trip. So before you go and embrace the inimitable character of this vibrant country, make sure that you have one of the best prepaid SIM card for North America ready to make calls and access lightning-fast Internet.

Order Cheap American SIM Cards with Trip Sim Card

Kiss goodbye to excessive roaming charges by getting a North America travel SIM delivered to your doorstep. Trip Sim Card offers a great selection of SIM cards with nationwide coverage, free unlimited calling, SMS, and whopping data to help you enjoy your trip without needing to pay the skyrocketed roaming fees. We make sure that you savor each slice of the Big Apple with a well-priced prepaid North America SIM card. We are Hong Kong’s one of the leading travel SIM card for travel providers and would love to accommodate your need.

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