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3UK 4G/3G Multinational 360 Days 12GB Data SIM
HKD $388 (HKD $498)
AIS Global SIM2FLY 4G 15-Day Unlimited Data Card
HKD $248 (HKD $399)

Prepaid Europe Data SIM Card for International Travelers

Europe and UK is an epic travel opportunity! It’s a land that hosts some of the world's most incredible cultures and civilizations, and witnessing them would certainly be a rewarding experience.

No matter you have planned a long-term trip or decided on a short-term vacay, you would need low-cost calls and Internet access to make most out of your Europe tour.

Order the Best SIM Card for Europe Travel with Trip Sim Card

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Before you travel to Venis, London, Paris, or other destination of gorgeous Europe, make sure you have placed an order for the best SIM card for Europe travel with Trip Sim Card. We offer the best prepaid deals that will help you check your excessive roaming charges and save grand bucks. We are the trusted providers of international SIM cards and help frequent travelers enjoy standard rates across Europe! No stress, no need to pay hefty international roaming charges. We specialize in bringing the most affordable plans that cover all your calling, data and SMS needs.

So, if you are going to use your phone much for calling or browsing the web, explore our recommended options and shop a travel data SIM card Europe to fit in your phone.