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CMHK 4G/3G China 10days Data Prepaid SIM Card
HKD $88 (HKD $148)
CHT Taiwan 4G 10 Days Unlimited Data SIM
HKD $128 (HKD $288)
4G KING Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan 10GB Data Card
HKD $688 (HKD $1288)
ChinaOne 4G Taiwan 5 Days Mobile Data SIM
HKD $88 (HKD $118)
3HK x Docomo 7days Roaming Data Prepaid SIM
HKD $120 (HKD $188)
Vietnamobile Vietnam 3G 30Days 3GB Roaming Data SIM

Prepaid Asia Tourist Data SIM Card for International Travelers

The Continent of Contrast, Asia is the largest land mass existent on this globe. It homes several nations; 48 to be precise, all stating a vivid mix of economies and a unique, diverse character. No matter you are flying to Seoul to attend some major conference or heading to Macau for a dreamy vacay, or somewhere else in this mammoth continent, you would need a SIM card for Asia travel. If not, you are likely to end up paying overwhelming roaming expenses and emptying your pockets like anything.

You would need a SIM card that is reliable, offers high-speed data and a great-coverage network. So, here we are happy to help.

Order an Affordable Asia Travel SIM Card with Trip Sim Card

We at Trip SIM Card offer incredible prepaid SIM card options for people traveling to Asia. We offer an array of mobile data products that helps travelers stay in touch with the world. We provide well-priced tourist SIM cards for several countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and many more that you can plug and connect to make unlimited calls and access high-speed data anytime. No need to rely on the slow and sulking hotel WiFi, no need to ask a fellow to share a mobile connection by tethering. You can use your own international SIM card for Asia travel to talk, text, or access web as much as you want!

We offer easy and cheapest plans- explore our Asia data SIM card category and place order for the card that you find is a fitment for your travel needs.